Ecotherapy- "Not all Who Wander are Lost"

Ecotherapy removes the confines of traditional office setting and creates a therapeutic alternative to "talk therapy".  Ecotherapy calls you to challenge yourself, unearth a deeper connection to nature and explore new ways to unpack limiting beliefs, repair relationships and appreciate the beauty of the journey. 

Suggested locations for ecotherapy sessions include the Blue Hills Reservation, Borderland State Park and the Arnold Arboretum. 

Psychedelic Integration Support- "Polishing the Mirror"*

Plant and psychedelic medicines can require as a person to identify more with "the soul" than the "ego". Journeying into altered states of being can release stuck emotions, reveal harmful habits, restore joy and confidence and push you to encounter and endure unknown fears. Remember, as in life, not all journeys are filled with bliss. 

Personal integration is important to discover, accept, and consider new ways of living as the first steps of a transformation. With structure and support, YOU can loosen old narratives and step boldly forward to embrace who YOU want to become.

*I do not condone, endorse, encourage, aid or abet in the use of illegal substances, or provide access to illegal substances. Integration support is offered as a harm reduction approach and for psychoeducational purposes only. 

Shamanic Healing Arts*- "Traveling beyond the confines of modern society"

Shamanic healing is not always logical or rational.  One of my teachers calls it "a trained capacity to connect with the web of life". For the ancestors, it was a profoundly spiritual process that required commitment and a high level of openness to examine and learn

One goal can begin to rise above suffering, and widen one’s“frame of reference” to bring beauty, magic, and hope in your life. Shamanism can help you find courage, gentleness and identify allies in the darkest times as a member of a sacred world. It is possible to uncover how to be inspired by the world again by connecting with ritual and creativity.

 * I make no personal claim to be a shaman or a medicine person. The word, shaman or saman comes from the Tungusic language family of Eastern Siberia which is not from my lineage. My lineage stems from my teachers (Jaime Meyer, Tom Cowan, Manda Scott, Karen Ward/John Cantwell) whose heritage and direct teachings have been lost due to centuries of colonial oppression, cultural assimilation and the loss of practices stored as oral traditions, of which fragments remain. 

As my friend, Sky Otter, describes this work, "I, simply, love to hold space (with skill and training) for people to find their own revelatory and healing experiences". For a great read on "What Shamanism ain't",  also consult the writings of Jade Wah'oo Grigori, Bear Shaman.  

I can accept Aetna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Harvard Pilgrim, Oxford, Oscar, Tufts and United Health Insurance Plans for ecotherapy and telehealth appointments. 

Private pay rates for Psychedelic Integration Support and Shamanic Healing Arts start at $200/hr. A sliding scale rate based on income is available upon request.