Parent / Student Resources

Below are resources for Plainville's continuity of education plan.

Please visit our Curriculum Documents page for more resources and pacing guides.

Student and Teacher Expectations for Google Hangouts Meet

PCS Distance Learning Implementation Guide

Tech Tips

How to login to chrome on your home computer.

Do not charge your phone from your Chromebook!!

Due to potential issues caused by plugging in external devices, please avoid charging phones or connecting other usb devices to your chromebooks.

When your Chromebook says everything is blocked - GoGuardian Has Crashed

A few of our students have had issues where their chromebooks are having all web pages blocked. All settings on our end are correct, this is a chromebook side issue. Fortunately this is fixed by restarting the CB. Simply hold down the power button until the device turns off and press again to turn it back on.

Social-Emotional Supports For Students and Families

This is a time of stress and anxiety for many children and families; however, there is help available to support children's behavioral health needs.