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Priority Scheduling Introduction

2024-2025 New Courses at PHS


Graduation Pathways

how to enter your classes in pschool (9th/ 10th)

how to enter your classes in pschool (11th/ 12th)

This Google site contains course descriptions (including videos, pics, etc), graduation requirements, and all academic policies.

class of 2028 planning form

Freshmen Course Planning Form(new)-combined_1.pdf

class of 2027 planning form

Sophomore Course Selection Form (new) (1).pdf

class of 2026 planning FORM

Junior Course Selection Form (new).pdf

class of 2025 planning FORM

Senior Course Selection Form (new).pdf

cohort specific youtube playlists

Class of 2025: PLAYLIST

Class of 2026: PLAYLIST

Class of 2027: PLAYLIST

Class of 2028: PLAYLIST

Class of 2029: PLAYLIST

Utilize this link to apply to Area 31

SUMMER SCHOOL sign ups start in march!

          Click HERE for a list of online Summer classes frequently offered                 


Click here to see a list of frequently asked questions and answers about the scheduling process


Mr. Dave Owens

Students Last Names Pe-Z

Guidance Director

Mr. John Newbold

Students Last Names A-Go

Mrs. Jaleen Royer

Students Last Names Gr - Pa

Mr. Adam Fritz

Students receiving Special Services

(IEP's, ML students)

Mrs. Mackenzie Ewoldt

College & Career Specialist

Mrs. Bridget Luce

Mental Wellness Counselor

Mrs. Kelly Wood

Guidance Secretary/Registrar

Mrs. Rhonda Marsh



Counselor will sit down with each student to assess progress towards graduation, discuss plans after high school, and determine the best course selections