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This site is where you can find information about our daily classes, our weekly events, and how to best help your child at home. As there are new and old faces to our school, with some families having been with us for many years, and some families coming to us far and wide, we have created this site in order to help our ELL's (English Language Learners) to feel and be successful as they learn a new language.

What is the ELL (English Language Learners) Program

and what does it look like at Conte?

ELL programs are important for helping children to learn English, and then be able to further understand other subjects, skills, and methods taught within their classrooms. English as a Second Language is a program designed to help students learn to speak, read, write, and understand written and spoken English. Students who are identified as Beginning, Intermediate, and/or Advanced English Language Learners receive between 45 to 90 minutes of teacher support daily through a combination of push-in and pull-out services.

The website link, attched below, shows the achievements and successes of ELL students in Massachusetts. The students speaking in the videos, are in Boston schools, and have some of the same goals as your children. They all want to learn, be confident with, and use the English language comfortably. This site also includes downloadable resources to keep for your future use.


Interesting Facts about the English Language...