PCS CogAT Resources

The Cognitive Abilities Test, (CogAT), is a test to help determine your child’s aptitude. Testing occurs over a three-day period. This test is a nationally normed test that will compare your child’s performance with performances of other students of the same age. Pitt County Schools administers this test to third graders in the spring of each school year.

The CogAT is only one factor used to help determine if your child qualifies for AIG services. A matrix called the “Multiple Criteria Indicator” (MCI) is now used to identify qualifying students for service. In the matrix, the student’s aptitude score, achievement scores in Reading and Math, and final grades in Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies are entered to determine if and how the student qualifies for AIG service.

The CogAT is broken down into 9 sections across 3 categories: verbal, quantitative and nonverbal. Click on the categories underlined above to view some activities to help your child better understand what to expect in each section.

Additional Resources