New Web Design

Out with the Old

In with the New

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Launch Date Scheduled - This Week

Webmasters have been working hard to make our new website as user friendly as possible. We have worked closely with Educational Networks to ensure our navigation menu remains as close as possible to our current setup. We think you will like the changes!

Same Menu Items + More

We know that people depend on things that are familiar. While the look of the site is different, we made every effort to keep the same menu structure to help you navigate to your desired page. Regular patrons can still find the familiar left menu items in tact. However there is an additional information available in the top menu that may benefit those who don't frequent our site as often. Click Here for more information on the menu changes.

Why the New Look?

We have been operating with this look for over a decade. Technology has changed and so has the variety of devices that are used to access our website. We want to provide a platform that will work with all the many ways that people interact with our site. This platform also enables our webmasters to quickly update in district or out of district. The old site would only allow for edits to be made while at PISD (which is why we used a temporary website for our front page that can be edited from elsewhere).

Another cool thing about this website is that you can click on the "Translate" button and the entire website will be translated until you close down the translator.

Social Media icons are in the upper right corner. You can find links to our Facebook Page feed and our Pinterest Page.

Options for Teachers and Coaches

One of the advantages of this new system is that teachers who like to have a web presence for communicating with students and parents have the ability to use this platform to facilitate their needs. If they wish to continue using their Weebly or Google Sites, they may do so, but they also have the option of working within the same design of the schools website. Contact Byron Dial if you are interested in learning more about this.