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Start Here⬇ Follow Steps 1-7 below⬇

Step 1

You will need a computer.

    • Need a computer? Check out a Chromebook from your campus. Be aware of the Student Technology Equipment Checkout Guidelines.

    • Benefits of using a Chromebook include seamless connection to apps (textbooks, digital resources) via Webdesk, GoGuardian management reports, and consistency with campus technology.

Step 2

Using your own computer? If so, be sure to use our recommended browser, Google Chrome.

    • Sign-in to the Google Chrome browser with your student's PISD email. Student email address is their username and @mypisd.net: firstname.lastname.#@mypisd.net. Example: john.smith.1@mypisd.net.

    • Using Chrome with PISD credentials will ensure that your student's logins are authenticated and the Webdesk apps will launch properly.

Step 3

You will need the internet.

More detailed instructions about technology requirements, troubleshooting, and more are here: https://www.pisd.edu/stayconnected

Step 4

PISD apps are accessed via Webdesk. Watch the video above to see how to sign into Webdesk as your student.

If not using a Chromebook, watch this video to be sure you're signing into Google Chrome to ensure that Webdesk launches apps correctly: Signing In - Google Chrome - Plano ISD

Step 5

Set Webdesk apps to Auto Launch.

  • Applying this setting one time will automatically open apps every time you log into Webdesk.

  • Apps to apply the Auto Launch setting: Discovery Education, Dreambox, HMH (not for 6th grade), Savvas, Generation Genius

Step 6

You're almost ready! Now, go find your grade level content.

  1. Click on a grade level on the top menu bar.

  2. (PK-5 Only) Click on a Week button/link to open the "Week at a Glance" lesson plan.

How do students get it?

  • Your student will see an app in Webdesk that will open directly to their grade level page.

Now go to the last Step 7!

Step 7

Understanding the Document Workflow

  • Many documents are provided in PDF format so that you have options to view/open/edit.

  • You can open the PDF in Google Drive and then annotate the PDF using one of these options:

    1. Print the PDF and then write on the document.

    2. Convert the PDF to a Google Doc so it's editable.

    3. Open the PDF in Kami to annotate.

Contact us for Support

Have you checked our FAQ page for information? https://bit.ly/FAQtvo

Username/Password Issues

For assistance with resetting password or logging in, contact the Help Desk:

  • Tel: 469-752-8767

  • Email: tsos@pisd.edu

  • Para obtener ayuda en español, envíe un correo electrónico: tsos@pisd.edu

📢 Please include in your student's name or PISD login, ID number, and the home campus teacher.

Content & Curriculum Questions - virtual@pisd.edu

📢Please include in your student's name or PISD login, ID number, and the home campus teacher.

Digital Learning Questions - pisd.hotspot@pisd.edu

(Relating to educational technology like Google Drive, Kami, etc.) 📢 Please include in your student's name or PISD login, ID number, and the home campus teacher.