What We're Learning

Fifth Grade is the most unique year in music education, as we start to move much faster to master our elements in preparation for being in band. orchestra or choir in 6th Grade. By the end of the year in Fifth Grade they will understand the entire Diatonic Scale (do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do’). We will also start to explore, identify, perform, and compose music in compound meter. My goal of Fifth Grade is to fully prepare the students for middle school which includes the kids taking a more proactive role in their music education.

Song Bank

Using the Kodály method, I teach mainly using folk songs. These songs are typically passed down through the generations in a vocal tradition which creates many variants - so you may know a slightly different version than what I teach in class! The beauty of using folk songs to do the bulk of the learning is that each song has a game that corresponds with it - so the kids are learning even when they are playing!

Here are some songs that your child will grow to know and love in music class!

  • Cut the Cake

  • Chumbara

  • Lil'Liza Jane

  • Sei Sei Sei

  • Billy Bad

The Millies

I am SO excited to have our fabulous 5th graders still put on our end of the year 5th grade show that has become a beloved tradition here at Miller! I am currently devising a Covid friendly plan to make the Millies the best part of the year! We will start to prepare our acts for the show soon!