Cultivating a #DigCit State of Mind

Digital citizenship is an overarching theme, mindset, and skill set that all students, teachers and administrators need to learn and be responsible for. A #digcit state of mind also covers digital age work and learning, digital age learning culture, and being a global collaborator. A #digcit state of mind is imperative for effectively and responsibly using tools to which students now have access, as well as promoting a safe and thoughtful approach in how we relate to our peers and colleagues both locally and globally. Every teacher in every classroom every day should make digital citizenship a priority; these resources will give suggestions for an approach that doesn’t feel like “having to do one more thing.”

Many educators are confident in their own technology skills and understanding of the digital world; others may find social media and fluency in the use of digital tools more challenging. But everyone can grow in their understanding of a #DigCitStateofMind. Where do you fall on this continuum?

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