emmons poetry


The Robert emmons poetry contest is held in the spring semester of the academic year.

Robert Emmons is often described as a renaissance man, multi-talented with a wide range of interests. He has been a New York Stock Exchange company CEO, a well-respected international management consultant, a university professor, and an entrepreneur. In addition, he is an art collector and patron, sailor, avid yachtsman, and a poet for more than forty years. The Los Angeles Times called him “a talented poet” and his bookOther Places Other Times “a gem of a book.”

Winners of the 2012 awards were Carol Celic "A Day at Elkorn Sloug", Kathryn Lubahn, "Words", Brandon Duran, "Gradeyard Shifts at a Gas Station", Dylan Bier, "a party", Breanna Tucker, "Black and White", Sarah O'Connor, "Green Thumb".