Welcome to 6th & 7th Grade Math 

Ms. Waters

Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year!  I am pleased to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you and welcome you to Middle School Math at PCA.  This will be my second year teaching Math at Pinnacle Classical Academy.  I do look forward to this new school year ! 

Supplies Needed 

100+ page Spiral Notebook (For Math Exclusively)

Plastic 3 Prong Folder (For Math Exclusively not black)

Plastic 3 Prong Black Folder (For homework, assessments, and passwords for all classes)

Pencil, Erasers, Highlighter, Colored pens or pencils for color coding, pencil sharpener, Ear Buds (used in all classes)

2nd Semester Homeroom Supplies Needed !!!! 

We are in desperate need of the following: 

- Tissues 

- Paper Plates

- Paper Bowls 

-Paper Towels 

- Forks,Spoons,and Plastic Knives 

- Clorox Wipes 

- Pencils 

- Pens 

- Expo Markers 

I know this list is a lot, but any or all items will be greatly appreciated!