Ms. Collins' Kindergarten

Hello! Welcome to Ms. Collins' classroom website. Here you will find information on upcoming events, assignments and announcements.

Upcoming Dates:

  • March 10th- Boosterthon Event Day

  • March 11th- K Day- No School

  • March 23rd- Report Cards

  • March 31st- Yearbook Form/Money Due

Important Information:

  • MORNING SNACK: In order to help students avoid confusing lunch and snack items, please place a morning snack in the small front zipper pocket of your child’s backpack (instead of in his/her lunchbox with lunch items). Please show your child where to find his/her morning snack.

  • We have also found that reusable water bottles are less likely to spill and much easier for your child to identify. Please send a labeled reusable water bottle with your child each day!

  • Have students ready in the morning with backpacks and lunchboxes ready to exit the vehicle on the driver's side to the sidewalk.

  • Each student should have a complete change of clothing in his/her backpack. With cooler weather arriving, please check to be sure that your child’s change of clothing is appropriate for the weather.

  • Please be sure to label your child’s sweater/jacket and mask with their name.

  • Your child should have a mask on each day before exiting the vehicle.