welcome TO Mrs. hill's

 kindergarten class!!

Welcome to Kindergarten!

I am looking forward to a FANTASTIC school year!!!





April 15-19, 2024

In our class:

This week students will continue to learn about the “Vowel Men Out Walking” and will be introduced to the following spellings and sounds: /ie/ (as in pie), and /ue/ (as in clue). Our “Vowel Men” Word Decoding Test will be on Friday, April 19th. We will also continue to read and answer comprehension questions from our “Scott” reader.


We will continue Domain 10: Colonial Towns and Townspeople. This week students will learn about the following tradespeople: the bricklayer, mason, carpenter, and blacksmith. Please use the information that has been sent home to help your child review. Our Domain 10 Assessment will be on Wednesday, April 24th.


We will continue Unit 7: Shapes.  This week students will continue to identify flat and solid shapes, as well as comparing flat and solid shapes based on their attributes.

Sight Words:

Please practice sight words with your child each night.  Our next assessment will be Friday, April 19th.



We will have a sentence dictation assessment on Wednesday, April 17th. Students will be expected to correctly write several sentences that are stated by their teacher.


Upcoming Dates and Events:


Lazy 5 Ranch Field Trip

Please be sure to read over the field trip information and reminders that were sent home last week. Students should be dropped off in the car rider line by 7:30am. We will be loading the bus at 7:45am. Parents attending the trip should drop their child off and plan to meet us at Lazy 5 Ranch. We are looking forward to a great trip!