Want to learn some Arduino coding? Arduino is an open source physical computing platform for creating interacgtive objects that stand alone or collaborate with software on your computer. The software is free and can be downloaded from Learn about the basics of sketches (the programs) and programming techniques at There are lots of YouTube explanations and tutorials, as well. Try out or for starters.

Please consider bringing in plastic jars of peanut butter and/or jelly. Donations are being accepted through January 20, 2018 at the PCA front office. Thank you!

STEM is the hands-on application of content learned in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Our goals are learning how the academic content applies to real-world situations, how to work together in collaboration as a team, how to overcome obstacles, how to think outside the box, how to reflect on the learning process, and how to problem-solve.

As a result, homework is minimal in our STEM class as most work is accomplished within the classroom setting. On occasion, students will have a small task to complete before their next class time. These assignments usually take less than ten minutes.


STEM Wish List:

  • 2L bottles (empty and clean) - we need at least 150 to make bottle rockets
  • 5lb coffee cans (or equivalent) - we need about ten
  • Large (as large as possible) balloons - we need about fifteen
  • Chinese take-out boxes (empty and clean) - we need about 30
  • Propane cannister x 2 (the kind a Coleman stove uses, not the large ones)
  • 8-10 pounds of play sand
  • 1 homer bucket
  • Headless finishing nails (3" long)
  • Isopropyl alcohol x 2
  • Yarn - all types
  • Tarp x 1
  • Kleenex and Clorox wipes