Corinne Hassani

World Languages

¡Bienvenidos al año 2021 - 2022 de Español!

Dear PCA families,

What a joy to come back and teach your children for the 2021 - 2022 year!!!!

I will be your children' Spanish teacher for the year and I truly look forward to unfolding tons of exciting new adventures with them!

I am a French native and I have now been living in North Carolina for 8 years. In the past, I have taught different domains such as English, French, Spanish, Communication Tools, Health and Social Studies as well as English as a Second Language. I have studied World Civilizations and Languages in Aix-en-Provence (France) where I graduated from.

I am the mother of three children whom I enjoy spending time with, doing fun outdoor activities; swimming being the family’s favorite! If being a mother has been a great source of joy and happiness, being able to teach equally fills my heart with a sense of plenitude on a daily basis.

Let's meet at Open House on Thursday, August the 12th!!!

Students are only allowed to change during the first five days of the semester. NO schedule changes will be allowed after that time.

Learning Spanish, provides the opportunity to your children to not only acquire linguistic skills, it is also an eye opener towards a surrounding world under all its aspects....When your children learn Spanish, they travel!!!

So come on everyone!!! Have your passport and boarding card ready, You are about to embark for a discovery journey, navigating through reading, writing, speaking and listening Islands, grasping the greatest treasure of all: Knowledge.....

Teaching your children is a true privilege and I am honored to be their captain during our trip!!!

Join our INTERNATIONAL CLUB for more adventures! !!! The INTERNATIONAL CLUB welcomes all Middle & High School students!!!

This club is about discovering cultures from different countries and look into how various cultures impact one another. The students will also be able to compare other countries' traditions to these of the U.S.A and reflect on differences and resemblances, as well as obtaining some perspective view as to how America's culture has influenced the rest of the world and vice versa. During our sessions we will cover different topics such as food (traditional dishes & recipes), fashion trend, social etiquette, life of a teenager / a student abroad / holidays meanings and celebration, etc.

As our students are getting ready to embrace a global world, I hope that this club will begin to give them a 'sniff ' of their surrounding world!

As our students are getting ready to embrace a global world, I hope that this club will begin to give them a 'sniff ' of their surrounding world!

Middle and High school students will be able to participate on a rotation basis. I will communicate you all an interest meeting date when school starts back in Fall!

If you are interested in joining the club, please, just fill out the form, by clicking on the link: https:Soar To Explore - Interest Form

Let's have fun! ¡Que nos divierten! Amusons-nous! Divertiamoci! 讓我們找點樂子! hebu furahiya! Ann pran plezi! ας διασκεδάσουμε!