Corinne Deck


ELA 6th grade

Welcome to a world of discoveries!

I am very excited to teach Spanish and English at Pinnacle Classical Academy this year!

I am a French native and I have now been living in North Carolina for 7 years. In the past, I have taught different domains such as English, French, Spanish, Communication Tools, Health and Social Studies as well as English as a Second Language. I have studied World Civilizations and Languages in Aix-en-Provence (France) where I graduated from.

I am the mother of three children whom I enjoy spending time with, doing fun outdoor activities; swimming being the family’s favorite! If being a mother has been a great source of joy and happiness, being able to teach equally fills my heart with a sense of plenitude on a daily basis.

Teaching words, sentence and grammar structures is about enabling our youth to become independent in a language and able to grasp and manipulate the words that they need in order to reach their dreams. As a language teacher, I aspire to bring our students, not only the knowledge of a language , but also an opening towards the world that will inspire them in creating both social and professional links with others.

In Spanish, this year, while focusing on developing the four core components of the Spanish language: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, students will not only learn to communicate, but they will also discover fascinating cultural aspects of Spanish speaking countries (Where does the 'Cinco de Mayo' come from? How do students from a Spanish speaking country learn?...)

In English Language Acquisition, students will continue to build up and expand their vocabulary while being engaged in their thinking and analysis skills via the study of fiction and drama stories brought by classic drama narratives such as 'Julius Caesar', Greek mythology such as 'Narcissus and Echo' and poems from writers such as Emily Dickinson or even Robert Frost.

I consider teaching your children a true privilege and I can not wait to see what 2019/20 unfolds....

Let's have a wonderful year!

Corinne Deck