Week 7

Another week has passed by and it's hard to believe it's moving so fast. Microsoft students have been working hard improving word processing skills, and we started Microsoft Word lessons, learning about "Editing" and "Formatting." Students finished up creating their Resumes and Cover Letters.

Multimedia students have been working on creating Infographics on an educational or world issue. They had to include graphics and facts on their issue of choice.

The Exploring Technology Students have continued to work hard on improving their typing GWAM (Gross Words A Minute). We have completed another typing tests, along with a number of daily activities that help to increase typing speed and accuracy. All students have shown improvement, which is a success. We will plan to finish up the typing portion of the course this next week. 7th and 8th grade Exploring Technology students have been working on paragraph formatting and have also started learning about formatting tables in word processing softwares.