Accessing Fitness Center 

Pine Island Employees: See Jen Tilford for details on accessing swipe access. 

Coaches: All teams that would like to reserve the weight room must communicate with Tom Horner at least a week in advance to be scheduled. Before the season, coaches who want to train in-season please fill out the "Team Scheduling Request Form Below".

Coaches and student-athletes can access these options

Off-Season Strength Plan will automatically make a copy of a 3-day/week plan intended for training off-season.

In-Season Strength Plan will automatically make a copy of a 30-minute, 2-day/week plan intended for training in-season.

A blank Workout Sheet is available for anyone looking to customize a plan. 

Pine Island Student-Athletes and coaches can request access to TeambuildR for mobile workout plans sent directly to their phones. 

Please contact Tom Horner for details.