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Ask your student about google classroom!!!! Here you will find information in regards to everything from scholarships, FAFSA and much more. You must have a gmail account to access this. All students have been invited to join through their gmail accounts they were assigned by the school. Each grade level will have different types of information posted based on each grade level need.

PRHS School Counselor Google Classroom Codes:

CLASS OF 2024 COHORT: Class code- k7u2wsm

CLASS OF 2023 COHORT: Class code- tfsyu5c

CLASS OF 2022 COHORT: Class code- gkbri3y

Instructions for Classroom Codes

  1. Go to

  2. On the Classes page, Click Add + >Join Class

  3. Enter the code and click Join

SCHOLARSHIP LIST: (comprehensive scholarship list)

Dixie Electric Scholarship:

SCAD Scholarship:

SAMFORD Scholarship:

Need help filling out your FAFSA? Here are financial aide resources and videos!


This video briefly summarizes how to create an FSA ID, a username and password. The FSA ID replaced the Federal Student Aid PIN.


This video briefly summarizes how completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will give you access to federal gift and self-help aid.


This video provides you with information on what you will need to gather in order to complete the FAFSA.


This video will guide in determining dependency status, dependent or independent, and if parent information needs to be provided on the FAFSA.


This video will review how to sign and submit your FAFSA, and what necessary steps you need to take in order for your financial aid to be fully processed.


FAFSA walk through for parents:

Sign up for college visits!!

9/8 University of South Alabama @ 12:55 -1:30

9/15 AUM @ 12:55 - 1:30

9/16 Tuskegee @ 12:55 - 1:30

9/22 The University of Alabama @ 12:55-1:30

9/23 Huntingdon @ 12:55-1:30

10/6 Troy @ 12:55 - 1:30

10/7 UAB @ 12:55 - 1:30

10/15 AUM @ 12:55 - 1:30

11/16 UAB @ 1:00 - 2:00

11/29 Alabama A&M @ 10:00 - 11:00

Alabama A & M @ Mon Nov 29, 2021 10am - 11am

Job Opportunity for Graduating Seniors | Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing AL is looking to hire new production team members. They want to give students an opportunity to start a great manufacturing career right out of high school, especially in this current climate of rising college expenses. If college is still on their radar but is not an option now, Team Members are eligible for their Tuition Reimbursement Program. This allows Team Members to have a career and Hyundai can help pay for their education later on. HMMA’s Team Members receive an amazing benefits package – one of the best in the River Region – that includes health, vision, and dental insurance, as well as, a 401(K) retirement program. Our ideal Production Team Member is someone who might be a little unsure of what their life looks like after high school and needs some guidance to get on the right path.





Students, by not being familiar with the financial aid process, you risk missing out on free funding that is available to you. Make sure you are up to date on how the financial aide process works. This could assist you in paying for college. Check out the link the below for financial aide 101!

Pike Road Schools Dual Enrollment Information Packet:


Parents and Students,

Selecting courses is one of the most important tasks students and parents can do. Proper course selection allows students to meet graduation requirements, explore possible career interests, prepare for post-secondary education opportunities and engage in activities he/she enjoys doing. Course selection is vital to the school as well, as our schedule for the next school year is built on the choices our students make now. Teaching assignments and teacher selection are based on the needs of our schedule.

To make all of these different pieces work together, it is imperative students make the right choices now. The school’s role in course selection will be to confirm with the student his/her choices, and verify the courses selected are indeed wanted or needed by the student. Once this is complete in the spring, schedule changes will be limited. Students will be expected to stay in the courses they choose.

Changes will be made based on misplacement, a desire to take a more challenging course or an extreme change in circumstances. Simply changing one’s mind after the schedule is built, or believing a course is “too hard” are not valid reasons to change classes. Therefore, we expect students and parents to choose next year’s schedule wisely. The counseling office and administration are here to assist in any way possible. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

After the deadline to make schedule changes after registration begins, the following are the only reasons to change:

  • You have an "EMPTY" spot in your schedule.

  • You are missing a core class (English, Math, Science, History).

  • You believe you are missing graduation requirements.

  • You’ve already taken that course and passed.

  • You have not met the prerequisite for a course.

  • Athletic PE or Band was left off your schedule

Example reasons a schedule change WILL NOT be considered:

  • You'd like a specific teacher

  • You want to have your classes at specific times

  • You requested a class, and now you no longer to want to take it

  • You don't like the teacher

  • You want to be in a class with a friend, etc.

  • Others that fall into these categories...

AP Courses:

  • Once selected, AP and Honors courses cannot be dropped without administrator approval (choose wisely).

We take a lot of time to develop our master schedule and balance classes to accommodate you based on the selections you make in the spring, so PLEASE choose wisely. Look at the course descriptions and schedule an appointment with your counselor if needed.