We are a family traveling the United States; amateur photographers, adventurers, seeking nature along the way. Trying to inspire you to get outside.

I Like to Ride

A TransAmerican Journey

A man on an epic journey across America with his family. Riding his bicycle from YorkTown, Virginia to Astoria, Oregon in 66 days over 4,228 miles. Summiting mountain passes, crossing deserts, and passing through multitudes of National Forests/Parks. Join him as he recounts the tale from his resignation as a Director of IT Services to his final dip of the front tire in the Pacific Ocean. This is a story for those who need to disconnect from our hectic society and get back in touch with the natural world that surrounds them. Go seek nature!

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I have thoroughly enjoyed your book. Spellbinding!! - Dr. Garland Bare

I felt every muscle on the mountain passes and the terror of the dogs chasing the bike. You made the ride come alive! Good read. - Dolores Bangert

This next to the walk across America story is the best I have read. Great job enjoyed it very much. - R.kidwell

Go Seek Nature is our family’s effort to inspire others, especially families, to get outside. We want to inspire you to seek nature by sharing our stories with you. Seeking nature does not have to mean planning a cross country trip or visiting a famous location. What we hope to do is share our story with you so you seek your own nature whether it is in the backyard under the shade tree, the city park, or perhaps it is a big trip to a National Park or State Park. Whichever method you take to seek your own nature, we hope you love it and begin to care for it, preserving it for other families and future nature seekers.

Study after study is finding nature to have some wonderful benefits. Our family has seen these benefits first hand, from bringing us out of a slump and into a better mood to hearing one of our sons speak during a camping trip. We enjoy watching the birds at their bird feeders in our yard and seeing the rabbits dart across the yard when we step outside. We are no strangers to snow angels, snow forts, or a good ol’ fashioned snow ball fight! We use the great outdoors as a way to spend time together as a family – that in itself is a huge benefit. None of that is scientific though, just a couple of parent observations.

Getting to the science of nature; one study from Stanford University shares that a 90 minute walk can have a positive benefit on the brain. A ten minute walk at the park has lifted my spirits! The NationalWildlife Federation points out the benefits of nature connection for the mind, body, and spirit. These studies mentioned and more are solid reminders that we should be more connected to nature. We are taking this advice and following what we have already seen in our family as being a huge benefit. Follow along with our family as we Go Seek Nature. Thank you for visiting us, now get outside!

"Between Every Two Pines is a Doorway to a New World" - John Muir

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