Missouri - The Show Me State

Route 76 road sign

Crossing the Mississippi River led us to the land of Missouri, the “Show Me State". We were greeted by corn fields and back country roads which I continue to enjoy. We found plenty of wildlife along the water and farmland, discovering cranes in the field. This of course reminded us of home and our trips to Kearney where we view the crane migration along the Platte River.

Scenic Views and State Parks

Not the Platte, but still fun to find cranes along the way. We met Dan for lunch in a small town, crossing railroad tracks, and seeing more trains, crops, and wildlife than people. Our first night was in Farmington at the St. Joe State Park.

Missouri takes pride in their parks. This is one of the nicest state parks we have stayed at. It was a great place to end the day so we cheated a bit and ate pizza and ice cream during our stay. Dan even took a half day to rest and decided to ride closer to the evening. His legs are worn out! I can’t imagine why, Missouri is our fourth state so far out of 10.

Alley Spring, MO is a National Park site that has an old mill built in the late 1800s. It is a beautiful site with rushing water, walking trails over bridges, and a historic mill that visitors can view the old tools and equipment used. We had our National Park Passport stamped here too. The boys and I love getting the passport stamps. I love the idea of the passport.

Family Time With George Washington Carver

In the Show Me State we enjoyed meeting up with our family at the George Washington Carver National Historic Site. What an interesting place! I enjoyed the museum, watching all the cousins play school in the old school room and play together at our picnic table.

A little praise for my cousins: the best picnic! We had such wonderful food and company; the boys and I had such a fantastic day. Seeing family has been such a highlight on this trip and although we already want to see family more; it does show me that we should really make this more a priority when possible.

The boys and I also visited my Great Aunt and Uncle. They are such a sweet couple and shined with delight when the boys came in to visit. Conor did a puzzle and Aaron entertained them with some Dr. Seuss books.

The Ozarks

The Ozark Mountains are very scenic. Of course Dan had to ride his bicycle up them but I sure enjoyed driving through the Ozarks. Now Dan tells me that they were easy compared to the Appalachians which I can agree with. He also tells me that one hill felt like he was going straight up, riding parallel to the mountain so the Ozarks were not without their difficulty.

Missouri showed us a lot on our trip; great scenes, visits with family, and lots of history. We enjoyed visiting Missouri; our fourth state on the Trans Am.

The boys in the Ozark