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Logging in to your Chromebook when there is no WiFi.

Making Google Docs Available Offline.webm

Making Google Documents Available Offline

A/B Schedule- Unlike previous inclement weather days, instruction is not being omitted; therefore, students will not return to school on the opposite day from what they last attended. If students left on an A-day and one Digital Learning Day occurred for a B-day, students would return to school to an A-day schedule.

College and Career Readiness

For ACT Practice

With previous ACT or Pre-ACT score reports, students can create custom practice for ACT. If a student doesn't have a score report to upload from, he or she may take a practice test available here and self-score to find support for areas where growth is needed. Teachers may create class groups and assign individual videos, learning checks, etc.

For SAT Practice

Students may log into the College Board's website with their student accounts they created when registering to take the PSAT or the SAT and view a customized program for improvement based on their scores on file with the College Board.

Https:// provides a variety of reading selections with the opportunity to online annotate with tech tools as well as questions that require the analysis of why and how. They have both literary and informational texts available. Teachers may set up an online class and give students a join code so that they can work within the platform to submit tasks and teachers observe what students are doing on the site.


Students may join a teacher's class with a join code to access informational texts at a variety of reading levels. Included is the opportunity to interact with the text, respond to questions, and analyze text.


A (free) resource for students is the Learning Express Library database accessible through Discus. Students can access that through Launchpad or by directing their browser to Once on the Discus website, they can click "A-Z list" and look under "L" for Learning Express Library.

  • Practice tests for GED preparation, job and career goals, undergraduate and graduate school admission, and U.S. citizenship
  • Focus on workplace skills such as resume building, interviewing, job search and assessment, business writing, and core computer skills
  • Tools for improving proficiency levels in reading, writing, and math for elementary school learners through adults
  • Interactive skill-building tutorials and 130+ e-book titles
  • Features include timed tests, instant scoring and feedback, and individual user accounts for saving works-in-progress and completed tasks

This site has many AP test study guides and practice tests, along with SAT, ACT and career prep tests.