UCSD Modern Physics Lab 2DL

Fall 2021

All information & announcements regarding Fall'21 2DL course will be posted here.

The Canvas page for this course will be used only for submitting to Gradescope and grade viewing

When in doubt, email 2dl@physics.ucsd.edu , be sure to put in your PID in Subject line

Dec 13: Most students did very well in the final exam and in the labs. .Hence about half the class got an A (>90%) score)...and you did get 10% boost on the final exam score.

Dec 3&5: The cheat sheet for the final exam is here. Pl. review it well in advance. The final exam will be closed book. You must bring a working calculator (NOT a phone/computer equivalent). The exam is in Peterson 103 on Friday 10th during 7-9pm. Pl. bring enough sheets of paper.. Be sure to Wear a good mask. No food or drinks inside the exam room. Be sure to check this page for late breaking information. Do not bring your own cheat sheet.

Nov 22: Lab report due date pushed a week back due to the holiday.

Nov 22: The final exam will be closed book, but you will be given a cheat sheet (posted here a week before the exam). You must bring a calculator (NOT a phone/computer).

Nov 16: Office hours just for today at Mayer 4226.

Nov 15: Pl. be sure to pickup your graded Quiz sheets at the start of the lab session. Uncollected quizzes will be shredded after a week. Also be sure to check your graded lab report every week. Regrade requests must be make within ONE week from the time grades are posted.

Nov 11: Lab 3 grades posted

Nov 10: Lab report due dates set back 24 hours because of holiday.

Nov 3: Lab 2 grades posted

Oct 19: While writing the lab report, be sure to review the information and instructions on the Lab Manual and Report Guidelines link. See also my slides from Lecture 4. Your lab report on experiment conducted in week N are due by the end of your lab session on week N+1. For example, if you are in Thursdays's Section A01 then the deadline for submitting Lab 1 report in Canvas/Gradescope this week is Thu 1:50pm which is the end time of A01 Lab session. Any submission after the deadline will get a 0. No excuses or exceptions. So pl. try not to procastinate and submit the lab report well before the drop dead time ;-)

Oct 8: Instruction on how to submit to Gradescope via canvas are here

Sept 16: We have been directed by the UCSD administration to shift the Tue lecture component of the 2DL course to online-only. The Zoom link to connect to is only in the syllabus for security reasons. The Labs will be in-person and will start in Week 1 on Sept 30 (A01,A02,A03) and Oct 1st (A04).

Sept 14: At the start of the lab session, there will be a 15 minute quiz (Quiz 0) during the lab sessions on Thu & Fri of Week 1. It will be based on the course syllabus and your current knowledge of measurement errors. Submit your quiz to TA after making sure you have written your name, PID & bench # .

Sept 11: Welcome ! The first lecture is on Tuesday Sept 28th at 5pm . Labs begin on Sept 30th. Masks are mandatory in the lab. For your safety no food or drinks can be consumed inside the lab Hydration breaks must be outside the lab..

Copies of Error analysis book by Taylor (2nd Ed), Modern Physics by Serway et al and University Physics by Young & Freedman are being placed on UCSD Library course reserve for your reference.