Grade Promotion

Promotion from grade to grade should be based on credits earned:

Promotion to 10th grade – 5 credits

Promotion to 11th grade – 11 credits

Promotion to 12th grade -17.5 credits or sufficient number of credits to reach 23.5 by the end of 12th grade

A passing grade at the high school level is described as a D or higher (60 or higher).

General Graduation Guidelines:

Grade 12 students shall graduate if he/she has earned a total of 23.5 credits, which must include:

4 in English**

3 in Mathematics**

3 in Science**

4 in Social Studies** (Must include African American History)

2 in World Language

2 in Arts and Humanities

1 in Physical Education

0.5 in Health

4 in electives*

!! Students must also have completed a culminating project "Senior Project" by the end of their senior year !!

*1 credit must be an additional math/science credit

**Core subject classes"