Auditions for Incoming Students

Auditions for Incoming Students

Below is information regarding auditions for the Central High School large music ensembles for the 2019-2020 school. The ensembles include Orchestra, Band and Choir. Students who are admitted to ensembles receive academic credit in the arts. If accepted into the program, you will be placed into an ensemble according to your audition. Rehearsals take place daily from 7:30 AM until around 8:15 AM. Grades for the ensemble are based on the following: attendance, punctuality, preparation, lessons with itinerant teachers(instrumental only), quarterly playing exams and performances. Please read the following audition requirements carefully. If you are not admitted into one of our large ensembles, we have other opportunities for you to continue your musical studies. These audition videos help us to place you in the proper ensemble, so if you are not sure if you should audition, it is never a bad idea to at least try. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at or 215.400.3590 X3240


Mr. Blazer

Music Department Chair

General Audition information

-It is strongly recommended to do a video audition.

-If there is absolutely no way to do so, you may email me at to request a live audition.

-You can record on any device as long as it is capable of recording digital video and audio including: laptop, desktop, smart phone, digital video camera.

-Please ask your vocal and instrumental teachers at your school to assist you.

-You should be able to upload most digital video formats. For example, if you record it on an iphone, the video can be easily uploaded. MP4 is the recommended format.

-At the beginning of your video recording, please state your name, instrument and current school.

-Please take a continuous video without hitting the stop button. All portions of the audition requirements must be recorded back to back. There should be no evidence of audio or video editing. That being said, you may do as many takes as you like and choose the best one, as long as the audition portions are consecutive.

-Your file should be labeled with your last name, first name and instrument or voice part.

-Once you are finished you may upload the video through the form at the bottom of this page.

-Audition Submissions are due by Friday, May 10th!

Specific Audition Requirements

Choir Candidates:

1. Students should prepare a portion of a song of their choice to be performed a cappella, that showcases their vocal range and overall musical abilities. For example, a verse and chorus from a popular song or show tune would work well.

2. Students should prepare the attached excerpt from the Randall Thompson Alleluia according to their voice part. MP3 files with the individual parts played on the piano have been uploaded and may be found at the bottom along with the sheet music. While the MP3 files contain the entire piece, you only need to perform the material from the sheet music. A cappella is preferred, but you may sing along with the piano track.

Instrumental Candidates:

1. Students will perform the 2 scales assigned for their instrument from the attached scale list. All scales should be performed using quarter notes with a metronome marking of 80 bpm. Students should play as many octaves as they are comfortable and proficient at performing.

2. Students will perform the two bracketed excerpts from the attached files according to their instrument. Metronome markings and or tempi have generally been provided, but students may play slower than the given tempo, within reason.

Scale Requirements:


Flute- G Major, E flat Major

Oboe- C Major, D Major

Clarinet-B flat Major, C Major

Bassoon- D Major, G Major

Alto Saxophone- D Major, G Major

Tenor Saxophone- D Major, G Major


French Horn- F Major, D Major

Trumpet- G Major, E flat Major

Trombone- F Major, D Major

Baritone Horn/ Euphonium- F Major, D Major

Tuba- F Major, B flat Major


Violin- F Major, D Major

Viola- G Major, B flat Major

Cello- F Major, D Major

Bass- G Major, B flat Major

Percussion (Please prepare all of the following rudiments)

Flam Taps

Drags or Ruffs

Single Paradiddles

Audition Excerpts

Please click on the following folders to find the audition excerpts according to your section and instrument