Interns & Volunteers

The Pittsburgh Hispanic Development Corporation (PHDC) has an internship program with schools to empower students in their experience in business and community development. The Hispanic Corporation also welcomes volunteers who are seeking to support our mission or gain experience while working with a community in need of support. Most interns and volunteers are bilingual but it is not a requirement for anyone who wishes to be part of PHDC.

Clayton C. Hepler

:: 2018 Summer Intern ::

Sophomore at Middlebury College with a concentration in International and Global Studies and a Latin America Specialization.

Andre M. Aquije Flores

:: 2018 Summer Intern ::

Student at Carnegie Mellon with a concentration in Economics and Statistics.

Jason Edmunds

:: 2019 Summer Intern ::

Freshman at Carnegie Mellon University with a concentration in Economics and minor in Spanish and German.

Please apply by completing the following Intern/Volunteer form: