Rental Agreement

Pascagoula High School Performing Arts Center/Singing River Academy Auditorium

Rental Information and Agreement

Auditorium (per day/2-3 days/4-7 days)

  • PAC Commercial Rate $1600/$1200/$1000

  • SRA Commerical Rate $800/$600/$500

  • PAC Non-Profit Rate $800/$650/$500

  • SRA Non-Profit Rate $400/$325/$250

The above rates are single-use rates for the rental of the space only. Additional costs for lighting, audio, and labor (including venue set-up and restore) will be determined by the PAC Coordinator after consultation with the Renter and Sound and Lighting Engineer.

Additional Spaces Available (4-hour block of time)

  • PAC Main Lobby Only (no performance)

    • Commercial Rate $500

    • Non-Profit Rate $300

    • PAC Classrooms (up to 3 available, price is per classroom) $200

Labor - per hour (any fraction of an hour constitutes a full hour of charges - 4 hour minimum)

  • PAC Coordinator $30

  • Lighting and Sound Technician $25

  • Security $25 per officer per hour - 1 officer per 100 audience members - maximum of 5 officers

  • Custodial Services - Flat fee, per day $250


Each event must engage, at minimum, the PAC Coordinator. In addition, PAC staff must be engaged to operate sound, lighting, and theatrical equipment (if required) and other front-of-house duties if the event involves a performance. Additional labor and equipment requirements will be determined by the PAC Coordinator based on the needs and nature of the event.


  • Full sound system (>8 mics/inputs) $300/event

  • Partial sound system (<8 mics/inputs) $150/event

  • Projection/Cyclorama system (PAC Only) $200/event

  • Full stage lighting system $350 setup

  • Acoustical Shells (PAC Only) $300 setup

  • Orchestra Pit (PAC Only) $500 setup

  • Follow spot $75/day

  • Piano Rental (6’ Baby Grand) $200/event

  • Piano Tuning (per tuning) $150/tuning

  • Concert Percussion Rental (PAC Only) $200/event

  • Standing Choral Risers $100/event

  • Available chairs, tables, and music stands are included in rental.

  • Other equipment charges may apply based on the Rental Contract

Your Rental Agreement Includes:

  • Access for an 8-hour period between 8am and 11pm; more than 8 hours within the 8am-11pm time frame will be billed at $200/hour for space and time + one-half labor rates; requests for access outside of the above hours must be arranged at least 30 days in advance and will result in the following overtime costs:

    • Labor rates Double Time

    • Space rental $300/hour

      • Any fraction of an hour constitutes a full hour of charges.

  • Access to loading dock, corridors, dressing rooms, Green Room, lobby, stage, and audience areas, as requested on the Facilities Request Form.

  • Event listing with ticket information (if applicable) on the Pascagoula High School Performing Arts Center’s website (5 business days after execution of Rental Agreement).


  • An advance deposit is required at the time the Rental Agreement is signed (minimum 30 days prior to event date). The deposit is based upon 50% of the estimated costs.

  • An additional $500 security deposit ($100 for SRA Auditorium) is also required at the time the Rental Agreement is signed. This deposit will be credited to the outstanding balance due (or refunded if no additional balance is due) after the event if there is no evidence of damage.

  • The deposits can be made by certified bank check or money order.


  • Renters, at the time of Rental Agreement signing, must provide an original certificate of liability insurance evidencing a policy or policies of comprehensive general liability and property damage coverage of at least one million dollars ($1,000,000) combined single limit per occurrence issued by a company licensed to provide such coverage in the State of Mississippi and approved by the Pascagoula-Gautier School District. The Pascagoula-Gautier School District shall be named as additional insured.


  • TBA


  • No food or drink is allowed in any performance area at any time, including backstage and in dressing rooms. Food or drink discovered inside any performance area will result in automatic forfeiture of security deposit at PAC ($500). At SRA, in addition to forfeiture of the security deposit of $100, a fine of $200 will also be assessed.

  • Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited at all times.

  • Smoking is not allowed in the facility or in outside areas surrounding the facility at any time.

  • Any items left at the PAC or SRA Auditorium after your rental period has expired will result in forfeiture of those items. Additionally, labor costs for removal and/or disposal of these items will be billed to you in your final invoice, at a cost of $250 or actual disposal cost, whichever is greater.

Fire, Police, and Security Requirements

The Pascagoula High School Performing Arts Center and Singing River Academy Auditorium reserve the right to require fire, police, or other security personnel for events. The need shall be determined based on the time, place, and type of event, anticipated crowd size and any extraordinary requests from the Renter. Renter is responsible for all applicable charges. If an artist contract requires security, the Renter must contact the Performing Arts Center Coordinator for approval before securing outside security agencies.