Technology Education

Advanced Design Applications

Course Description

Advanced Design Applications focuses on three dimensions of technological literacy--knowledge, ways of thinking and acting, and capabilities--with the goal of students developing the characteristics of technologically literate citizens. It employs teaching/learning strategies that enable students to explore and deepen their understanding of "big ideas" regarding technology and makes use of a variety of assessment instruments to reveal the extent of understanding.

This course provides several options for the teacher, with seven units from which to choose:

  • Unit 1. Construction
  • Unit 2. Energy and Power
  • Unit 3. Transportation
  • Unit 4. Manufacturing
  • Unit 5. SeaPerch™
  • Unit 6. EbD™- EPICS™ Service Learning
  • Unit 7: Material Science (Supplemental Unit)

Teacher: Mr. Lowie Paz

Email address:

Phone #: (301) 449 - 4900