Principal's Page

Dr. Judy N. Adams

"We cannot predict the future, but we can create it!"

Welcome to 3rd Quarter!


It is difficult to believe that we have already reached the 3rd Quarter of the school year. We are working with every student for their success. But it takes a village to raise our scholars. We need your assistance in the following areas:

  • ATTENDANCE - Your students must be at school every day for every class. Students absent more than two consecutive days will be contacted.
  • PREPARED - Students need all of their materials. Please contact the school if they need school supplies and you are unable to provide.
  • STUDY EVERY NIGHT - Please make sure your child has a work place to study every night . Just completing homework is NOT enough. Students need to review materials from that day to ensure they understand the material.
  • COMPLETE HOMEWORK - Homework is given for students to practice the concepts. It is important to practice anything if you want to master it!
  • COMMUNICATE WITH TEACHERS - It is important that you maintain contact with your child's teachers. Each of them have a Google Classroom or Shutterfly account. Secure access and follow up with your child. Use the Agenda to send messages or email or call and leave a message at school.
  • INSTILLING RESPECT FOR SCHOOL PROPERTY AND THE PROPERTY OF OTHERS - We are a one-to-one device school and need to preserve the quality of our computers. Please ask your child to handle with care and not take this privilege for granted. Additionally, the bathrooms are for personal hygiene use only. Bathrooms are not for loitering, writing on walls or destroying property.

We appreciate your partnership and know that we all wish the same for our children - academic, emotional and social success. Let's work together to accomplish these goals.

Finally an update on three items. First, we received our rating from the state of Maryland and Accokeek Academy scored 4 out of 5 Stars. We need your help to score 5 stars. Students must come to school. Attendance is a large portion of the rating. Achievement on PARCC and ACCESS assessments are critical. Students must make growth each school year. Please reiterate the importance of testing.

The results of PSAT 8/9 testing are available. Again, Accokeek Academy outscored the County, the State and the Nation! PSAT 8/9 is our college and career readiness test in 8th grade. It is the accumulation of knowledge in all previous grades. Stressing that knowledge, analytical and critical thinking and reasoning skills must grow every year with particular emphasis in certain standards from grades 5 through 8.

Our last update is that the ten classroom temporary building is arriving in sections. The ground must be graded and the sections must be assembled. Installation of security, internet, network, telephones, interactive white boards and other items must be installed. Until we have a more specific completion date we will discuss planning for next school year.

With your partnership we can continue to Raise the Bar.....THE ACCOKEEK WAY!