Total Audition Time : Approximately 10 minutes

The creative writing program is a means to help students unleash their creative side and feel more comfortable when writing in and about everyday life. Students learn how to write stories and to expand their vocabulary in a non-academic way while discussing their creative process. Learning how to critique and give constructive feedback is a lifelong skill needed in every discipline.

Essay Topic

Describe the moment you realized you wanted to be a writer and be a part of a writing program.

Submit the completed essay to the Google Form: Hyattsville CPA, Benjamin Foulois CPA , Thomas Pullen CPA

What are we looking for?

We are looking for students with potential who demonstrate their passion for the creative writing. Successful students show strong critical and creative thinking skills.

The audition process itself

Ten minute interview to demonstrate the following:

  • Positive response and enthusiasm for creative writing

  • Willingness to discuss and accept constructive criticism

  • Desire to experiment with different genres of writing and techniques

  • Willingness to examine literature as part of the creative writing process

What to bring/how to prepare

Pre-writing assignment to demonstrate the following :

  • Composition

  • Word Choice

  • Structure

  • Creativity connected to a given prompt

  • **Approved applicants will receive a Writing Prompt to upload their ​​pre-writing assignment prior to the audition.

Have a successful audition

  • Review/edit the pre-writing assignment you will submit so we are seeing your best work.

  • READ. Great writers are constantly reading.

  • Be prepared to discuss your work.

  • Be prepared to discuss where you want to go, what you hope to accomplish.

  • Present yourself well – arrive promptly, dress neatly, speak clearly and confidently.


Dr. Patricia Payne