VPA Theatre

Total Audition Time : Approximately 10 minutes

Auditions: Saturday, January 20, 2024

Workshop Slide Presentation

What are we looking for

We are looking for students who possess a passion for acting, a desire to immerse themselves in all aspects of the theatre, and an interest in pursuing a career in the field. Students should be focused, on-task, imaginative, emotionally available, and able to express themselves physically as well as vocally. Ideal candidates listen and adapt, accept criticism, and are able to incorporate suggestions into their work.

What to bring/how to prepare  

The audition itself

Students will prepare 2-90 second monologues. Monologues can be one of their own selections from a published play or from the monologue packet located on the Audition Website. Two (2) 90-second monologues from a contemporary published play. One 90-second comedic monologue and one 90-second dramatic monologue. 

You may use monologues from this packet  or you may present others of your choosing. Feel free to choose any monologue (one contemporary comedic and one contemporary dramatic) that you like that shows off your strengths as a performer and showcases your skills with language.

Websites with monologues from published plays:

There will be an interview with each student. Be prepared to discuss your selected monologues.

Have a successful audition



Dr. Patricia Payne patpayne@pgcps.org