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Teacher Coordinator: Jason Flanagan

We strive everyday to improve the reading and writing skills of our scholars to help them prepare for college and the workforce. As teachers of language arts, we recognize that the mastery of English provides students with opportunities for educational and personal development and that literature and language play a major role in adults’ vocational and avocational lives. Consequently, we strive to instill in our students a life-long thirst for knowledge and an enduring command of oral and written expression.

While we believe the classroom teacher plays a major role in creating a life-long learner, parents and the community are crucial components of our endeavor. Furthermore, young people must work consistently and diligently to master English. We strongly encourage and welcome parents and community leaders to become actively involved in the education of children.

Finally, in our quest to create life-long learners, we believe it is imperative to teach essential reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills; to recognize our responsibility as role models for youngsters; and to provide the highest caliber of instruction. Our ultimate objective is to assist all young people in acquiring the habits, skills, and knowledge which will enable them to become informed, productive citizens of our global society.

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