I lectures for the General Engineering program at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering Polytechnic Institute. The course is better known to students as EG-UY 1003: Introduction to Engineering & Design, or simply EG. Students comment on my teaching style on Rate My Professors.

EG boasts a TA body of 120+ undergraduate students. The TA organization is run like a small business with various committees in charge of different aspects of the course. Within EG, I act as a Systems Administrator, working closely with two committees in particular: Networking and Web Development. Because of my technical background, I function as a liaison between us and NYU IT.

EG also has a program for HS students called EGED: Elementary General Engineering & Design. Because high school calendars and NYU's calendar rarely matches up perfectly, it's nearly impossible to offer the full load of course materials to EGED students. Over the years, as I stepped into the coordinator position, we developed three versions of the EGED curriculum. The version students from a high school take depends on the schedules, needs, and goals of the students who partake.

Aside from EG, I serve as faculty advisor to two clubs: oSTEM at NYU (formerly LGBTQA Club) and the Performing Arts Club.

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