Random Student Selector

Find new ways to Randomly Select your Students

With Flash based items going out all over the internet, teachers are in need of creative and new ways to sort and select students. No more Popsicle sticks or waiting for hands to raise! Here are the steps to make it happen for yourself:

  1. Create your Google Slides in any fashion
  2. Go to "File" and then scroll down to "Publish to the Web"
  3. Check both available boxes and adjust the "auto-advance" speed to every second
  4. Select "Publish"
  5. Copy the unique URL and paste in your omnibox
  6. Before traveling to the page, adjust the end of the URL from "=1000" to something shorter. "=500" means a half-second, "=250" means a quarter-second, etc. This may take some finesse as you find the proper speed you're looking for.
  7. Now go to the published set of slides and enjoy!
  8. Hint: You can click or select the "P" key on your keyboard to stop the slides from advancing. Then, either refresh your page or hit the play button in the bottom left-hand corner to resume the sorter.

Use Student Pics or Faces

Wouldn't it be fun to have your students' faces pop up as a part of the sort? What if the students could create their slide and include stats or fun facts about themselves like the back of a baseball card or a video game achievement profile? Build the template for what you would like your slides to look like and share the slides with edit access to your students. Have them each modify their own slide. Then, follow the publish guidelines above! You now have an awesome custom sorter for your classroom! Students will be more engaged and constantly constructing answers if they know that the teacher doesn't rely on hands being raised. Give this "90s TV" sample a spin to see it in action:

Random Student Face: http://bit.ly/randomstudentface

4 Item - HP Sorting Hat


5 Item - Spice Girls


6 Item - Legends of the Hidden Temple http://bit.ly/randomlegends

10 Item - Ohio Sports Teams


14 Item - Disney Princess

100 Item - Random Nouns for Emerging Readers