Current Members

  • Daniel Sánchez Taltavull, Postdoc, working on systems biology of erythropoiesis
  • Matthew Tanner, PhD student, working on methods for analyzing high-throughput sequencing data, Sep 2014-present
  • Aseel Awdeh, PhD student.
  • Sam Wang, MSc student.
  • Basma Abdelkarim, MSc student.
  • Gareth Palidwor, Bioinformatician/Research Assistant, ongoing
  • Christopher J. Porter, Bioinformatician/Research Assistant, ongoing


  • Parameswaran Ramachandran, Postdoc, working on digital signal processing and probabilistic modeling approaches to ChIP-Seq data analysis, October 2010-Aug 2016. Last seen: Scientist in the Mak Lab in the University of Toronto.
  • Alex Griffith, MSc 2016, worked on ChIP-seq analyses of erythropoiesis.
  • Yuri Grinberg, Postdoc, worked on computational methods for stochastic processes. Last seen: Research Officer at National Research Council Canada.
  • Sharmin Nilufar, Postdoc, worked on image processing and machine learning for microscopy, Jan 2012- Feb 2015. Last seen: As a professional research evaluator, working for Canada Revenue Agency.
  • Jeremie Lefebvre, Postdoc 2010-2012, working on neural stochasticity and inference for jump Markov processes. Last seen: Professor at University of Toronto.
  • Liu Yang, Postdoc 2009-2010, “Inferring regulation and dynamics for the galactose network of yeast.” Last seen: Working as an Engineer at Ecobee Inc.
  • Aseel Awdeh, MSc 2015, worked on the theory of dynamical epistasis analysis. Last seen: Continuing on to do her PhD in the lab.
  • Mohamed Ghadie, MSc 2015, worked on methods for analyzing high-throughput data in clinical and stem cell applications. Last seen: Doing a PhD at McGill University.
  • Polaris Jhandi, MSc student, worked on Bayesian analysis of high-throughput sequencing data.
  • Pavel Levin, MSc 2012 in Systems Science, worked on inference for jump Markov processes. Last seen: Working as an analyst at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal.
  • Kyle Li, MSc 2011 in Computer Science, worked on "Pooled Designs for Drug Screening". Last seen: Working as a financial analyst at Morgan Stanley.
  • George Summer, MSc 2010, "Functional Data Analysis Approaches to Network Inference." Last seen: Bioinformatician/Researcher at the School of Cardiovascular Disease (CARIM) of the University of Maastricht, The Netherlands.
  • Adi Ophir, MSc 2008, "Quantization, mutual information, and causation." Last seen: Software Engineer at Microsoft.
  • Lee Zamparo, MSc 2008, "Estimating protein copy number form gene expression images.” Last seen: PhD student at University of Toronto.
  • Faiyaz Zamal, MSc 2008, “Relating expression-based and sequence-based estimates of regulation in the gap gene system of Drosophila melanogaster.” Last seen: PhD student at McGill University.