Health Alert History:

Update: Health Alert Status: Tuesday September 12, 2023 - Green

Since we have no new reported illnesses over the last week, we are lowering our Health Alert Status to green as their does not appear to be any increased risk of respiratory infections at this time.

Update: Health Alert Status: Tuesday August 29, 2023 - Yellow

Over the last two weeks, we have seen several confirmed cases of upper respiratory infections along with several other probable cases.  We are concerned that this could signal an uptick in occurances in our area, so we are preemtively raising our alert status to yellow.  Please stay alert for the symptoms and avoid daycare and boarding for your dog if they occur. 

Update: Health Alert Status: Tuesday March 21, 2023 - Green

After only a few scattered cases of illness the past two weeks, we are lowering our Health Alert to Green.  Our facility is maintaining normal levels of risk and we are not aware of any recent increases in cases in the area.

Update: Health Alert Status: Tuesday March 7, 2023 - Yellow

After only a few scattered cases of illness early last week, we are lowering our Health Alert to Yellow.  Our facility seems to have returned to normal levels of risk.  However, we remain cautious due to recent outbreaks across the nation and in our area, along with the reduced supply and adminstration of the canine influenza vaccine.  Please monitor your dog closely for symptoms and consult with your veterinarian if symptoms occur.

Friday, February 24th, 2023 - Red.  

We have been notified during the last several weeks by area veterinarians that they have seen a large increase of cases in the local community.  Last week, it finally reached our clients and we saw a dramatic increase in cases among our pet population.  Currently, reported cases have subsided significantly and we are remaining diligent in our cleaning/sanitizing procedures as well as quarantining dogs and notifying owners as soon as symptoms present. 

A couple of weeks ago, we sent out information on the symptoms of kennel cough and canine influenza and have included it again below.  Please monitor your pet closely for symptoms, and keep us informed so that we can accurately communicate the current risk.  Also, During this time we are requiring all boarding clients to provide an emergency pick-up person in the case your dog begins showing symptoms.  

In addition to current notifications via email, facebook, and text, we now have this page to provide real-time updates.  An easy address for this page is

We have also created a Health Alert Rating System to better communicate the estimated risk of transmission and what you should do (see below).

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation,

The Perfect Pooch Team