PV Internship Program

Creating Learning Opportunities Beyond the Classroom

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To provide purposeful learning opportunities for Pequea Valley Learners, through creating learning environments that inspire each learner to excel to their highest potential. We believe each learner counts at PVHS and our school district hopes to provide customized learning opportunities which shape each learner's life path while also providing benefit to the community. We seek to create “win-win” work-based learning situations benefiting the learner, the company, and the community.

Why Internships?

1. To gain experience-This will allow you gain insight into your first choice. You will gain knowledge and understanding of what it means to be in the working field/professional settings.

2. To have a better understanding-An internship allows you to take time to understand your role, tasks and the industry. Internships want you to leave knowing more than you came with, and this is most likely the outcome

3. Have the opportunity to learn and watch-You can learn from the best during an internship. People will be watching over you and working closely with you on projects so that you have someone to look up to and a goal to work towards.

4. Gain the ability to put new things into practice-You can try out new skills and tools without the pressure of being wrong. Internships are a time to experiment, and people who hire you for that internship know that.

5. Build confidence-Whether it be public speaking, giving presentations or simply suggesting new ideas, internships will build your confidence which allows you to grow as both a worker and a person. Confidence is key because if you don’t believe in yourself…who will?

6. To get a feel for different industries-Internships are usually for 3-6 months. This allows you to get a feel for different industries in a small period of time. You also pick up a wider variety of skills when working in different industries which can make you more attractive to employers and hiring managers!

7. To communicate-Internships require you to both work individually and within a team. You learn to communicate in new ways to build professional working relationships with people of all ages. This is great because it allows you to be open to other peoples ideas and to get creative in a team in order to build better ideas and ultimately, to build a better company

How Do I Get Started?

PV Learners who are eligible for this program must meet with their school counselor to obtain approval after having met all past grade level credit requirements. Then meet with Mr. Erb (Internship Coordinator) and/or Ms. Groft (Career Counselor) to pursue placement. Already have a company in mind? Click on the internship application link above, fill out with parents, meet with company to sign, and submit.

Companies and community resources who are interested in finding out more can contact Jared Erb, the PV Career Readiness Coordinator at jared_erb@pequeavalley.org or call at (717) 314-4269