Pennsbury School District Libraries

Mission Statement:

The library program, constituting a unique part of the overall instructional plan, operates in support of that plan through providing instruction, materials and services to all students and staff members in the Pennsbury School District.

The Pennsbury School District Library Program seeks to empower students to become life-long learners and to foster their love of reading. The certified library staff, in collaboration with classroom teachers, will deliver instruction that upholds rigorous academic standards enabling students to become critical thinkers, effective locators of information, and proficient users of traditional sources as well as emerging technologies. As advocates of the free exchange of ideas and information, the library staff will ensure that a balanced collection supports curricular needs, reflects the diverse interests of its patrons, and represents various points of view. The library staff will participate in ongoing professional development opportunities related to the field of Library Science and district initiatives. The library program is responsive to curricular changes, and it is essential that the program be integrated into the total curriculum.