6th Grade Band

6th Grade Band Information

The number one question you probably have is about how to get your child an instrument. There are a few different ways to make that happen and I will outline them below.

1. Rent to Own a new instrument from Meyer Music. Flutes, clarinets, cornets, and trombones, and percussion kits are available in this option. You make monthly payments of $27 until the instrument is paid off or your child discontinues participation in Band. These are new or nearly new instruments that are insured for accidental damage during the rent to own contract. If you are choosing this option, visit their website, www.meyer-music.com and you can read in further detail about the Rent to Own process. This is a very popular option for families.

2. Purchase a quality used instrument. We recommend Keifer's Music (269-601-1961) in Battle Creek. They have quality, used instruments for sale at all price points. Keifer's also carries all Band supplies your child needs and visits us in at school each week for supplies and repairs. Craigslist is a great place to look for instruments. If you forward me the link (driverb@pennfield.net) I can tell you if it's a quality brand or not and if the price is reasonable.

3. Obtain a quality used instrument from a family member, or a friend. This is a great way to get an instrument in the hands of your child. Ask your family members, neighbors, co-workers if they have an instrument that is just sitting in a closet that you can have or borrow. You just never know who has one until you ask. Even if the instrument is older, it probably is a quality instrument and could be put into playing condition by Keifer's Music at a minimal cost.

4. Click the 6th Grade Band Handbook below and read more about the class, the grades, and put those concert nights on your calendar!

***Please note**** If you choose to look for a new instrument at a low cost on the internet, be very careful. I have yet to find a $100 brand new instrument that works correctly, that sounds good, or can withstand the hands, fingers, and habits of a beginning Band student. I'm happy to look at any web link you send me and give you my opinion on what you're looking at, before you buy it. In 99.9 percent of all situations, a COLORED instrument is not a quality instrument and will NOT play correctly or hold up for your child. This will frustrate them and make Band a negative experience. The best thing you can do for your child is to get them a good instrument that plays correctly, whether it's new on the rent to own process, or a quality used choice.

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