Welcome to the

Plymouth Regional High School

School Counseling Department

Our School Counseling office is an information resource center for Plymouth Regional High School. Students and parents are welcome to visit and are encouraged to use the many resources available in our office.

The PRHS School Profile is a summation of information about our school and students that is updated on an annual basis. This document is sent to higher education institutions so that they can better understand the context of our student's high school experiences.

Guidance Profile 2018.pdf

PRHS School CEEB Code: 300510

The PRHS School Counseling Department is happy to provide services including:

Information and Planning for Two and Four year Colleges and Universities

Career Planning and Career Cruising

ASVAB and Service Related Information

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Testing Information

Job Listings

Extended Learning Opportunities

Guidance Department Contact Information

Phone 603-536-1444 * Fax 603-536-3892