Most Common Questions of Pembroke Students and Families

  1. What is my student's username and password?

The user name for all students is . If they need a password reset, they can contact Tech Support by emailing or . Students in Pre K through Grade 2 may not have a password yet, and if that is the case, please contact their teacher.

2. What can my student access with their username?

All students, grades PreK-12 have access to the entire Google for Education Suite of Tools. Students in Grades 9-12 have access to email through Microsoft Outlook and can login with their username and password. They can also login to Clever to access other enrichment activities that teachers may have assigned, like Lexia, iReady, or IXL.

3. My child usually logs in with Clever. Where can I find that?

The Clever login can be found here.

4. Where can I find work or enrichment activities for my student to do?

Check with your student's teacher by emailing them (if they haven't reached out yet) at or by searching this directory for their contact information. Many teachers have set up a communication route to families. In grades PreK-2, many staff are using Seesaw, and in Grades 3-12 many staff are using Google Classroom. You can also go to the district enrichment site for activities.

5. How does Google Meet work? What devices can they use?

Google Meet is a video conferencing platform. Students login with their username and password to connect with their teacher. As this is part of school, all normal school behaviors and consequences apply. This handy tip sheet from the Worcester Public Schools helps frame Google Meets expectations. Any device with a webcam will work, as will any smartphone or tablet using the Google Meet app. If you're using a computer, it must run the Chrome browser.

6. We don't have a device in the home. How can we access all of these materials?

Contact your building principal. We may be able to provide you with a device if supplies remain.

7. I'm unfamiliar with Chromebooks. How do we get started with it?

Check out this getting started guide. They are very easy to use!

9. I'm having trouble accessing some programs. Is there someone that can help me?

Brandon Hall - Director of Instructional Technology - Google and Seesaw Issues

Erin Tinker - Software Integration and Data Manager - Other Software Issues

James Ulysse - Network Manager - Device Issues and Passwords

Ken Cruise - Network Technician - Device Issues and Passwords