Pella K-12 Music Curriculum Website

K-12 Music Department Mission Statement:

To maximize every student's opportunities in musical knowledge, appreciation, and performance.

K-12 Music Department Goals:

1. Students will be comfortable with their instrument (voice/woodwind/brass/ percussion/string etc...) and be able to use it on their own and with other musicians.

2. Students will have opportunities to explore improvisation, composition and arranging.

3. Students will be musically literate.

4. Students will develop the skills necessary to listen to musical performances and provide feedback regarding performance quality.

5. Students will develop the ability to accept feedback regarding their own performances and experience personal growth.

6. Students will develop a desire and an appreciation for listening to music performances of high quality.

7. Students will understand and appreciate music theory and history through music performed.

8. Students will make connections to other disciplines and art forms through music.

9. Students will understand music's place in the community.

10. Students will be able to express themselves through music.