Data and Privacy

Protecting our students’ and staff's privacy is an important priority of the Pelham School District. We have a responsibility to ensure that student's data and privacy is adequately protected while using any online digital resource for school work. The District follows a process for securing our data that is detailed in our Data Governance Manual. This plan outlines how operational and instructional activity shall be carried out to ensure our data is accurate, accessible, consistent, and protected. This site's purpose is to provide information and resources to students, parents and teachers so that everyone can better understand what student data is, how we collect student data and any applicable policies, processes and procedures that our district follows so that we may better protect student and staff data and privacy.

To accomplish the district’s mission and to comply with the both New Hampshire and federal laws, the district may need to collect, create and store confidential information, including information regarding students, parents/guardians, employees, applicants for employment and others. The district will only do so when necessary and will take measures to keep this information confidential.

Digital Resources

The Pelham School District believes in the transparent use of data. Our Digital Resources page was established to share information with our parents, students and community regarding the use of student data and our commitment to data privacy. This space includes a list of digital resources that have been evaluated by the district. We feel that it is important that you know which resources have been approved for use in our classrooms.

Google Apps for Education

We are proud to be a Google Apps for Education district. This resource allows students the opportunity for online collaboration, as well as access to their documents from anywhere they have Internet access. We understand that you may have questions regarding data privacy and encourage you to visit our Google Apps for Education FAQ site for more information.