Portland State University's

S.A.M.P. Laptop Ensemble

MUS 344-001: Sonic Arts and Music Production Laptop Ensemble (Mondays, 4-6pm)

An ensemble of humans, laptops, controllers, and speakers. Ensemble members both compose and perform in the ensemble, exploring computer-mediated instrument design, sound synthesis, programming, and live interactive performance.

MUS 344-002: Sonic Arts and Music Production Advanced Laptop Ensemble (Wednesdays, 4-6pm)

The Advanced Laptop Ensemble is a unique ensemble experience, one that encourages each student to explore intricate production and collaborative techniques with other dedicated artists. The curriculum is centered around artistic collaboration and creative leadership. Rather than specific rubrics and strict guidelines, Advanced Laptop Ensemble pushes students not only to develop their own ideas and concepts—but to deliver upon those concepts in creative and experimental means. The class culminates with a multimedia showcase of student pieces, allowing each student/collaborative group an opportunity for formal performance experience.

The ensembles are part of Portland State University's Sonic Arts and Music Production degree and is directed by Christi Denton (she/her). For more information about the ensembles, email cdenton@pdx.edu.