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Forest Aboveground Biomass Assam India

Junaid M. Lone

The map shows forest above-ground biomass at one of the four biodiversity hotspots in the Indian state of Assam. Biomass is depicted in tons per hectare (t/ha). The field data was arranged and the volume equations for each tree species were used along with species wise specific gravity to estimate the aboveground biomass of individual trees at 0.1 ha plot level. The biomass at the hectare level was finally used along with backscatter values obtained after processing of SAR data (ALOS-2, 25m mosaic) to develop the biomass model with HH, HV and HH/HV ratio images.

The ALOS-2 25m mosaic data obtained from Japan Space Agency (JAXA) was calibrated and the geometric error mask (foreshortening, layover and shadows) provided by JAXA was used to remove the geometric errors that are prevalent in mountainous regions. The geometrically corrected data was used to extract the backscatter values from the field locations where ground truth points were collected. The multiple linear regression (MLR) models were developed using extensive field data. Finally, the forest cover mask provided by FSI was used to mask out the non-forest areas and the forest aboveground biomass map was generated from the MLR model for Assam, India for the year 2018.


Township and Sections in Lafourche Parish, Louisiana

Ashish Pandey

This map is for the visual information on how Louisiana doesn’t have counties but instead Parishes due to the Louisiana Purchase. Furthermore, the historical influence of France, Britain, and Spain has created different measurement systems like arpents near Bayou Lafourche and is protected with the Public Land Survey System (PLSS) of the United States. Generally, there are 36 aliquot sections in a township in PLSS. However, townships in Louisiana that lied near French Land Grant System have more than 36 sections.

Classified Image of Jibia after Dam Construction.pdf

Land Use land cover Map(1986) of part of Jibia Local Government Area- Nigeria.

Hassan Musa

Land Use land cover Map(1986) of part of Jibia Local Government Area- Nigeria.

Dzaleka Refugee Camp Watershed

Gbiri Iyanu Joshua

Due to increased frequency of intense rain events and floods happening in the country this map was created to assess flood risk of the refugee camp as well as the quality of water.

A GIS Based Drastic Model for Assessing Groundwater Vulnerability

Rabia Munsaf Khan

A Case Study of Lahore

Map for ASPRS Contest.pdf


Peter Samson

Oregon's Willamette Valley inundated by Ice-age Floodwaters from Glacial Lake Missoula


Rocky Mountain Way: Best Markets for Live Music in the Rockies

Marty Marquis

The map is a synopsis of a composite index I put together to identify promising markets for indie bands attempting to tour through the Rockies, which for many entertainers is essentially a flyover zone. "Market" here is the Census Bureau's CBSA.


Florida Crash Analysis

Monica Rajkumar

The primary purpose of this work is to perform Fatalities Crash analysis in Florida, i.e., to identify and analyze the patterns or trends in various types of crashes by visualization. Spatial analysis can help in devising and visualizing more accurate solutions to fatalities due to crashes. Space time cube was generated by using the Florida Fatalities Crashes layer and Space Time Pattern Mining tool was used to generate the resulting crash analysis layer.

Hiking Trails of Mount Hood Meadows

James Wilson

A map detailing new hiking trails constructed on Mount Hood, Oregon.


Nautical Chart of the Fern Ridge Lake Area

Maria Krivova

This project AOI was set up to

acknowledge in the general term

of hydrographic survey and

understand the processing

methods to create the nautical

The area of study locates in the

Northern East of Fern Ridge Lake,

Oregon which the scoping project

area is around 274 000 square

meters and the average depth 5.5

meters that was referred to the

Fern Ridge Vertical Datum

(FRLVD) at 0 m.


Deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest in Rondônia, Brazil (# 1)

William Nicewonger

Trails of Crater Lake

Chris Greco

Map of various trails and roads along Crater Lake, Oregon.

ReDeveloped: Portland's Rose Quarter

Jeronimo Roldan

The map shows the streets of the Rose Quarter Neighborhood as they were in 1924 and as they are in 2021. The 1924 streets were traced from Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps available from the City of Portland.


Street Guide of a Section of Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria.

Andy Osagie Egogo-Stanley

The map produced is a street guide showing a section of Ado-Ekiti. Ado Ekiti is a city in southwest Nigeria and is the state capital and headquarters of Ekiti State. It is a fast-growing city with complex road networks. This street guide thus serves to provide tourists as well as residents with relevant information that would aid their smooth navigation through the city.

Deforestation in Rondonia, Brazil (# 2)

Samuel Akinnusi

This map shows the extent of deforestation in Rondônia, Brazil, and the area that would be at risk of deforestation if a proposed road were built. About 47 percent of the area within 5.5 km of existing roads is deforested. Assuming a similar rate of deforestation, the proposed road would lead to about 631 sq. km of new deforestation.