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What are the current policies around COVID?

Check out PSU's guide dedicated to the COVID:  It will always have the most up-to-date information regarding COVID testing, vaccinations, and mask policies. 

What will classes look like this term?

We are offering a combination of in-person, hybrid, and remote classes this term.  Please select classes that match your comfort level with face-to-face interaction. For example, do not sign up for an in-person class if you only want to participate online. 

If the class session is recorded or scheduled as "WEB", do I still need to attend?

Unless the class is a fully asynchronous online course, you are expected to attend class sessions.  Make sure to set up your schedule and your space so that you are able to be fully present during class sessions. Your instructor will go over attendance expectations on the first day of class.  

When will buildings be open and how do I get in?

You will need your PSU ID card to access most buildings on campus.  Cards will generally work between 7:30 a.m. and 9:30 p.m.  If you have issues accessing a building, please email Xavier Oberlander ( and cc your instructor. 

Will I be able to access the Art Practice studios and equipment?

If you are enrolled in either an in-person or hybrid course you will have access to the studio and equipment for the classes in which you are enrolled.  Faculty will provide code access to your individual classrooms the first week of class. DO NOT SHARE CLASSROOM CODES - if spaces are abused and equipment goes missing, students will lose after hours access to the studios.

Will I have a place to store things on campus?

Yes,  students enrolled in Painting, Drawing, Screenprinting, Textiles Arts will have the first week to get a locker assigned.  After the 1st week, we'll open lockers up to art students in CORE and other areas. Please connect with your instructor on the process for getting a locker.

I have a remote course scheduled immediately before or after an in-person course.  Is there a place on campus where I can be online?

Students are welcome to use the studios when they are not being used by another course.  Here are some additional places they might use on campus if the studios are occupied:

Who do I talk to if I am having trouble registering for a course?

If it is an issue of needing a registration override, contact the instructor to ask for permission to take the course.  If approved the instructor can grant you access directly, or you can forward your email exchange to the Registrar to prove you have permission to take the course.

If the course is full, make sure to get on the waitlist and attend the first day of class.  Instructors are more likely to let you into the course if you are there the first day.   If a course you need in order to complete your degree is full, please contact the Art Practice Coordinator - Alison Heryer (

Is someone making you uncomfortable?

The CARE Team connects students with resources when they are experiencing distress and/or other issues that might impact their ability to function at their best in and outside of the classroom. If you have a concern that does not require immediate attention, submit a CARE Referral and they will follow up with you within two business days.

If you need an immediate 24/7 response, call 503-725-4404 (Campus Public Safety Office) and/or 911.

Where can I find help for life stuff?

PSU has a wealth of resource centers and support services to assist with your well-being while you are a student.  Visit the Student Life tab on the PSU website to find a full list of offerings.

I still have questions - who should I talk to?