Course Descriptions

Open Choir (Vocal Music I) - Is an open enrollment.  This class will require only 2 performances (Winter Concert & Spring Concert).  These students will have the option to perform the National Anthem with the Select Choir at Football and Basketball games.

Select Choir (Vocal Music II) - Is an audition only choir with a limited number of spaces available.  Auditions will take place in the spring of each year for the following school year.  This choir will be traveling to Universal Studios in November to perform at the City Walk.

Commercial Music (Instrumental Music I) - Is an audition / invitation class.  Students wishing to enroll must have the approval of Mrs. Phillips. In this class students will learn how to function in a contemporary band performing Popular Music, Country Music, Contemporary Christian Music, and more.  Students must be at an intermediate to advanced level on a Commercial Music instrument (rhythm or lead guitar, bass, drums, piano, vocals, etc...) 

Guitar Class & Music Appreciation (General Music) - In this class students will have the opportunity to learn how to play the guitar.  We will spend quarter 2 and quarter 3 learning guitar.  During that time some students will also have the option to learn a little piano, drums, and bass.  Quarter 1 will be music appreciation.  Students will be exposed to multiple genres and historical periods of American Popular Music.  In quarter 4 we will return to music appreciation and focus on the music used in Movies and Television.