PCS Chart

Dear PCS patient or representative:

Welcome to the PCS Chart.  

At Premier Cardiovascular Specialists, we strive to provide you with all of your necessary documents from your chart.  We provide the patient portal for that purpose.  In order to protect your HIPAA rights, we make sure that the process is secure, and that your information is accessed only by yourself or others that you have designate on your HIPAA form.

If you have a username and password, to access the portal, please press or tap on our PCS Portal link or button.

Or you can scan the QR code at the top or bottom of our page with your cell phone, which will take you directly to the PCS Portal.  

In order to access the patient portal, you need to provide us with an e-mail address that enables us to send you a username and a temporary password.  You can do that either in person in our office, or online.  To do so online and to protect your security, we request that you fill in personal information that only you can provide.  This will include an accurate spelling of your first name and last name, your date of birth and the last 4 digits of the social security number, as well as your medical record number, which is the same as the account number you receive on our bills. They have to exactly match what we have on record otherwise your e-mail address will not register.  We typically go by your insurance card information, which in some circumstances is different from the driver's license name.  Unfortunately, again for your protection, we cannot provide the account number over the phone for fear of impersonation by others.  

Please be aware that If you are using a corporate computer, e.g. at work, your system may block you from accessing the patient portal or the email registration websites. 

To register your email by entering your credentials, please click or tap on this link. 

If for whatever reason, you cannot get your e-mail registered, feel free to call us or e-mail us at chartrequest@pcs-michigan.com.  Someone will try to help you over the phone or contact you within less than 24 hours and work with you to get you registered.  We may have to ask you to come physically to verify your identity and register your e-mail. 

Once you register your email address, you will receive an email from us with a username and temporary password for the patient portal. It will give you the option to change the password, which we recommend. Following the next 2AM, you will be able to access your records through the portal. Your latest office visit may take longer for your physician to finalize any data or thoughts he or she needs to register. We will initially post the last 2 years of data, for encounters in our practice. Although we may have received records from other facilities, often mentioned in our reports, we do not post them on this portal. 

You can also call or leave us an email at chartrequest@pcs-michigan.com if there is a particular record on one of our services that you cannot find, or if you need a recent record expedited or you need a record earlier than 2019. Your request will be taken seriously and addressed in an expeditious fashion. 

It is very important that you update your demographic data and your HIPAA preferences when you come to see us at the office. We will be providing an online venue to update that in the near future. 

When in our office, please feel free to provide us with your email as this will register you automatically. Please also ask for your account number and your demographics as they appear in our records.