Beat the Quiz Master

Beat The Quiz Master is a colourful, fun and easy to read quiz book for children and adults alike. It has 3000 questions, at two different levels, 150 fun facts and 300 colour pictures.

This quiz book, Beat the Quiz Master, has been compiled as a business project by the 6th class students at St. Patrick’s Primary School, Tuam as our Junior Entrepreneur project. The Dragons selected this project based on its creativity, the involvement of all the children, the production process, workload, the market for the project and the potential to make a profit on sales.The school’s quiz team history was also an important factor in selecting a general knowledge quiz book. The school were All-Ireland quiz champions on two occasions and have been regular attendees at the Credit Union Quiz national final.

As students we thoroughly enjoyed the process of designing our first book together as it challenged us to accurately research questions and answers. It assisted our learning in all areas of the curriculum and enabled us to realise the process involved in real entrepreneurship as we developed our original business idea to final production. We were presented with many challenges along the way in terms of content,design, workload, meeting deadlines and editing our work. However all the hard work was worth it in the end as we are incredibly proud of our production and we hope that many children and adults will enjoy our book as much as we enjoyed producing it.

We wish to acknowledge the sponsorship we received from St. Jarlath’s Credit Union, Tuam, Carambola, RBK and CMS Distribution to assist us with the production costs and enable us to make a profit from our enterprise.

We would also like to sincerely thank all the students,teachers and staff at St. Patrick’s Primary School, Tuam for their unwavering support with this project, our parents and families for encouraging us and the advice and assistance given by both the school’s Parents’ Council and Board of Management.

Ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine!

The 6th class boys at St Patrick’s Primary School, Tuam