Student Registration


Returning Students 2021-2022

Returning students are students who were active in the school system at the end of the previous school year even if they are changing schools such as moving to the high school. These students can register for the upcoming school year using a shortened registration form by logging into the parent portal website ( and clicking the Returning Students Registration link in the left menu. This process will work on mobile devices but not in the app. You must use the website instead of the app to register.

New Students 2021-2022

New students are any students that were not active within the district at the end of the previous school year even if they had attended the district in the past. Those students will need to complete registration at the following link:

This link will become active on June 1, 2021 and remain active until the end of the 2021-2022 school year.

Registration FAQ

  1. How do I access the Parent Portal?

    • The website is and you will login with an account that you created. You can get your username and reset your password by clicking the Forgot Username/Password link on the login screen. If you do not have an account and are unable to create one then you can contact the school to get an account creation letter sent to you that contains an access id and password which is used to create an account and link to your students.

  2. I can't remember my parent portal login.

    • There is a link on the login screen to have the username or password emailed to you.

  3. I tried to reset my password using the forgot password link but I never received the email.

    • This typically means the email address used is not active in PowerSchool. Please contact the school for further assistance.

  4. My student is moving from an elementary school to the high school. Do I need to fill out the New Student Form or Returning Student Form?

    • You should fill out the Returning Student Form if you were active at the end of last school year even if you are changing schools.

  5. I can login to the Parent Portal but do not see a registration link in the left menu.

    • This typically means you are logged into the portal as a student instead of a parent. Please make sure you are logging in with the credentials you created for your parent account.

  6. I do not see all of my children when I login to the Parent Portal.

    • Contact the school so the missing student can be associated with your parent account.

  7. I am being asked for a snapcode when I try to register.

    • Snapcodes are part of the registration portal when you do not go through Parent Portal. You can obtain a snapcode from the school or you can access registration via the Parent Portal instead.